Owner / DJ / Event Host

Owner / DJ / Event Host

Joe Osterberg

Joe’s mission in life is to have and create as much fun as possible. He has dedicated his life to fulfilling this mission for both himself and for others.

As a musician, DJ, and producer, his grasp on music and natural love of public speaking enables him to keep guests engaged and the dance floor packed.

As a self-proclaimed funtrepreneur, he’s always looking for ways to create the best events ever.

He’s also an avid ultramarathoner and runs stupid distances. He’s run across the grand canyon and back, run 100 miles in one go, and won an 80 mile winter race at -27 F while pulling a 40 pound sled.

DJ / Event Host

DJ / Event Host


Yup, he’s named after the musician Woody Guthrie. If that doesn’t say something about being born for a life of music, I don’t know what does.

As a talented DJ / MC, Guthrie knows how to host an event better than just about everybody. Every detail is processed and used to help the night flow flawlessly.

On top of all of that, he’s a legit Father-of-the-Year candidate and also plays piano, guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, harmonica, saxophone, and sings.

DJ / Event Host

DJ / Event Host

Joe C.

Yeah, I know. There are two Joes… but there’s only one Joe C.

His “party guy” level is way up there. Once he quickly falls into the zone behind the decks, your event will be packed with non-stop energy.

After graduating with a degree from Brown’s, his career took him to Buffalo, NY where he became Brand Manager at 92.9 JACK FM. While there he hosted a weekly mix show on and learned from some awesome DJ's how to hone his craft.

His knack for getting to know a crowd and use that information as a creative outlet is, well, he said it best, “Nobody tells a story better than the people who experience it.”

DJ / Event Host

DJ / Event Host


You’re damn right we have a female DJ. We’re actually predicting that wedding DJs will be predominately female by 2030, and we couldn’t be happier about that. It makes so much more sense.

Laura is an absolute bundle of personality and it’s incredibly contagious. She won’t stop dancing and neither will your guests.

At her core, she’s an actor and has an impressive resume in both theater and film. Nobody is better suited to host and entertain than somebody from the acting world. It’s in their blood.

Laura is always ahead of the curve on what’s hot with the newest music and has a great grasp of music for all generations as well.