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A List of Our Services


You’ve heard it a million times: “your wedding day, is one of the most important days of your life;” however, it’s so important to us that we’ve named the company after starting the first day of your lives together: Day One. Straight, gay, purple, or pink, I want to celebrate right along with you and make your night as memorable and flawless as it deserves to be.

Company Parties / Corporate Events

Go ahead. Cut loose. You deserve it, and we’re here to make sure you get the most out of it.


If you don’t know about uplighting, you should. I’ve never found anything that transforms a room nearly as much as uplighting. It turns any ordinary room into an atmosphere of elegance and class.

Proms / School Dances

Constantly staying up-to-date with what’s hot in the music scene (a.k.a. “what the kids are listening to”), is paramount to the success of all of Day One DJ events. While it may make me feel old at my ripe age of 32, the energy quickly slingshots me back to gymnasium dance floors and I need to be slapped back into reality when the lights come back up at the end of the night.

Photo Booth

Classy open-air photo booths available for your wedding, company party, or other event. Day One DJ has the only custom fabricated photo booth kiosk in the region—finished with a wedding white automotive paint job so the photo booth adds to your events decor, rather than becoming an eyesore.

Private parties, birthday parties, and everything else!

If it’s a party, I’m in. Even if it’s not a party and you’re just looking for an ambient soundscape with some soft mood-lighting, I’m in. If you’re curious, just ask. I’m always open to new experiences, events, and people.